Movie Night! 4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Sports-Free Party

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One thing that many families do together and everyone can actually enjoy is going to the movies. My family has a tradition of going to the movies together around the holidays - usually the week after while we are all on vacation. We have a wonderful time going to see whatever the youngest child picks. If you have people of all ages going to see a movie with you, it can be difficult to choose a movie that is appropriate for the youngest and captivating for the older folks. This blog will show you a few things you can do to make picking a movie for large groups a little easier.


Movie Night! 4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Sports-Free Party

27 January 2016
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It's football season and the biggest game of the year is just around the corner. You and your friends aren't into sports but you still want to have a party. Have a movie night party instead. Think that a movie night is just sitting around and watching a movie? Not if you plan it right. Here are four simple steps to throwing the best movie night party of all time.

It All Begins With the Movie

You're having a movie night. Don't just pick any movie to watch. The success of your party depends on making the right cinematic choice. This is where you consider the group that will be joining you. You might want to consider sending out a suggestion list along with the invitation. This will allow you to include your friends in the selection process. Don't forget to include a few television series in the selection, especially if you and your friends enjoy the same shows. Most television shows are now available on blu-ray. 

If you're going to have children included in the evening, you might want to set up a separate movie room for them. That way, you and your adult friends can watch a movie without worrying about material that might not be appropriate for children.

It's Not the Same without Popcorn

It's movie night. You're going to want to provide plenty of popcorn. However, you don't want to keep getting up to make more. Instead, fill several plastic party buckets with popcorn and set them around the room. Provide a stack of bowls so that your friends can fill up whenever they feel the urge.

Don't Forget the Seating Arrangements

If you're having a large crowd, you might not have enough seating for everyone. Plan for additional seating by setting comfy pillows around the room. Your friends will be able to relax on the floor while watching the movie. Better yet, make it a BYOP – bring your own pillow – party.

Provide for Conversation

If you've got a few friends who'd rather visit than watch a movie, create the perfect conversation pit for them. Set up one room in the house for friends who want to spend the evening wrapped in pleasant conversation. Don't forget to stock the room with plenty of popcorn and drinks, though. You don't want your conversational friends to feel left out.

You're not a big fan of football. That doesn't mean you have to miss out on throwing the perfect party. The tips provided above will help you plan an amazing movie night party for you and your non-football-loving friends.

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