Stand-Up Comedy Documentary Types

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Stand-Up Comedy Documentary Types

13 December 2019
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Today, it's easier to find documentaries on almost all subjects. People can certainly learn more about their favorite comedians while enjoying some of their favorite comedic routines in the process. 

Comedic Specials and Documentaries Involving Stand-Up Comedians Will Frequently Feature Some of the Same Types of Material

When people search for a specific comedian's comedic specials, the specials will sometimes be labeled or categorized as documentaries. Some comedic specials are filmed like simple documentaries or public talks. However, there are plenty of other documentaries on this subject that are more biographical in nature.

However, even the more biographical documentaries will tend to feature clips from the routines of the comedians that are being presented. Documentaries on actors might feature clips from their performances, but showing these clips without enough context can make them much less effective.

It's sometimes easier to show clips from a comedian's famous routines, as long as the clips begin and end at the right moment. Plenty of the specific parts of a comedic routine can be just as entertaining on their own. There are also documentaries that are about comedy itself, and these will include plenty of these clips.

Some Documentaries Were Created in Order to Analyze Humor Itself

Many viewers will be interested in the life stories of particular comedians, and they might want to see some of their material. However, comedy fans are sometimes just as interested in comedy as a more academic subject. People have been asking about the nature of humorous material all throughout the history of philosophy, and modern comedians certainly have their own takes on the subject.

Documentaries like these might feature interviews with psychologists and philosophers, since the reasons why people will tend to laugh at certain things but not others are rooted in those subjects. Almost all documentaries like this will still include interviews with comedians and some jokes since people will need to see comedy being performed in practice in order to make a documentary feel complete. Comedy is a broad enough subject that it is possible to make documentaries on specific eras of comedy or even individual types of jokes. 

There Are Documentaries That Feature Extensive Analyses of Very Specific Jokes 

Comedians will certainly take all jokes very seriously, and they will put a lot of effort into making sure that they have developed their material enough. This will be obvious with certain analytical documentary types.

To learn more, watch some stand-up comedy documentaries.