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picking a movie for large groups

One thing that many families do together and everyone can actually enjoy is going to the movies. My family has a tradition of going to the movies together around the holidays - usually the week after while we are all on vacation. We have a wonderful time going to see whatever the youngest child picks. If you have people of all ages going to see a movie with you, it can be difficult to choose a movie that is appropriate for the youngest and captivating for the older folks. This blog will show you a few things you can do to make picking a movie for large groups a little easier.


Stand-Up Comedy Documentary Types

13 December 2019
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Today, it's easier to find documentaries on almost all subjects. People can certainly learn more about their favorite comedians while enjoying some of their favorite comedic routines in the process.  Comedic Specials and Documentaries Involving Stand-Up Comedians Will Frequently Feature Some of the Same Types of Material When people search for a specific comedian's comedic specials, the specials will sometimes be labeled or categorized as documentaries. Some comedic specials are filmed like simple documentaries or public talks. Read More …